How to create a marketing schedule for a fashion brand.

While working on various projects, marketing calendar kept me on track on where we are, and what do we need to do next. It’s like a map that helps you through the year and guides you towards your goals.

For boosting up your productivity and getting your products out on time, I recommend setting up at least a rough schedule what should happen on certain times during the year. For example, you can already automate holiday greetings and schedule your sales dates. Looking back to your previous years, your marketing calendar will get more precise and make sense to you and your customers in the future. Continue reading “How to create a marketing schedule for a fashion brand.”

Is it difficult to start a fashion brand?

Fashion industry is very fascinating and glamorous, and truly tempting to be part of,  but what does it require to start your own fashion label?

This question has probably crossed your mind if you are interested in starting your own fashion brand.

Having friends running their own fashion brands, and working myself previously in fashion industry, I’ve came to learn couple of major facts: Continue reading “Is it difficult to start a fashion brand?”

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