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Is it difficult to start a fashion brand?

Fashion industry is very fascinating and glamorous, and truly tempting to be part of,  but what does it require to start your own fashion label?

This question has probably crossed your mind if you are interested in starting your own fashion brand.

Having friends running their own fashion brands, and working myself previously in fashion industry, I’ve came to learn couple of major facts: Continue reading “Is it difficult to start a fashion brand?”

How to find customers for your fashion brand

Answer first few simple questions.

You are probably in a situation, where you either have a collection or you’ve created a brand OR have an idea for a brand, and it’s time to move forward – it’s time for you to find the customers.

Before we start looking for your customers, we need to step back and look at your products and overall brand and answer the following questions. Continue reading “How to find customers for your fashion brand”

HAVING A FRESH START – Personal Branding

It’s time to get serious.

Branding a business is one thing, but branding yourself – as an entrepreneur, expert, specialist, designer or what ever – is a totally different story.

I’ve been following online world for a while now, after switching from traditional marketing to digital, I understood that you really, really need to brand yourself, no matter what you do and what role you’re in. Continue reading “HAVING A FRESH START – Personal Branding”

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