Why is this person talking about fashion branding and marketing?

This website has been created to help anyone interested in fashion industry or marketing in general.

Want to know more? So do I!

In any industry, in any business, B2B or B2C, we all need customers. And I can help you to find your customers — but what you need to do, is to know what is it, that you’re trying to sell. What does your customer actually receive, when giving you the $$$. And trust me, it’s not only the piece of clothing nor the service.

What’s the story

I have helped businesses find their target groups, reach to their customers and make actual sales. Constantly sticking my nose to see what other are doing to find success — is one more thing I like to do, because when the strategy is in use, it’s not going to work second time. Consumers always expect something new. Something to Wow! them.

Projects I am involved in:

Smarketing for Fashion Week
Smarketing for Radio Station
Digital Marketing for Freight Forwarding
Marketing for a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

Passed projects:
Digital Marketing for Headhunters [achieved shared #10th position on Finland’s top 100 Startup list]

I help them to find their success and use the tools that are available for anyone. We create a strategy, but it’s up to the organisation to decide how they want to use it.

Would you like me to evaluate your online appearance free of charge?

Contact me via maria@startup-brand.com
Send me your website address, and I will let you know, how I believe the majority sees your business based on the information I find online and what you should do — to get more customers.

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