Why is it important to ALWAYS brand a fashion label?

Great brands appeal to the brain (common sense) as well as to the heart (feelings), and offer functional and emotional benefits. Branding helps to build relationships with the customers and strong brands are normally well trusted (Baines et al. 2013).

Value created with branding provides additional reasons for the customer to engage. Well designed brand has better control of itself and its promises.

It is easier to copy the functional characteristics of a product or service (see image below), than the brands way to deliver them emotionally (Baines et al. 2013).

The war between Gucci and copycat Mango

Why to brand?

Being unique and different is always a good for a brand. You are easily recognised by the audience and it helps you to attract your niche.

Any fashion label should learn how to engage with the customers. Branding will help the label to set the tone, personality, image and entire label characteristics, making it easier to appeal.

It is crucial to maintain constant, and learn brands way to deliver the message.
When you’ve created your brand, you’ll know what to do, to drive your brand to the public.

Branding holds many aspects, that need to be conducted in order for the label to actually become a brand. Think deeper: what benefits and emotions you want your audience to receive?

“Don’t brand for the sake of branding – brand for the people you want to have a relationship with.”


Baines, Paul, Fill, Chris & Page, Kelly 2013. Essentials of marketing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Image: Lesjuristes 2015 http://ictrecht.be/fr/featured-2/mango-vs-gucci-la-guerre-des-copies/

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