Creating a Fashion Brand: Emotional meaning to the owner and customer

Fashion, is all about being included – to be part of the world or lifestyle that feels good, looks good and moreover is available. Anyone and everyone should have a chance to get it – regardless of the financial situation. (Agins 1999).

Emotions can be used to extend the customer’s emotional state (mood), or give a reason to purchase your products.

For example, same dress sold by two different stores/ecommerces:
First brand reflects happiness and joy, and the other one serenity and pride. Depending on the state of mind of the customer, applied emotion can help to determine which store will make the sale.

In much deeper context, creating an emotional bond with consumers is one of the strongest ways for a brand to inspire loyalty. People tend to remember better, when something is associated with the feelings (Psychologist World, 2017). They connect emotionally with the brands they identify with, whether they realise it or not. (Chasser & Wolfe 2010).

As a designer or a shop owner, you should love what you do, and let your customers know that.

Think about the emotions that are associated with your designs. Do they make you feel good about yourself? Do they make you feel young? Or perhaps, knowing that they are made sustainable way, does it make you feel that you’ve done something good to the world?

How do you feel about your customers and how you want them to feel about your brand? Remembering your customers by name, their birthdays, and giving small gifts (or a simple unexpected discount) can evoke positive feelings about you and your brand.

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